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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  November 17, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a path of destruction, a huge storm tears through neighborhoods. >> and did a tornado touchdown in the area ? i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. what could have been a tornado that struck overnight damaging hundreds of homes and leaving thousands without elect testy this noon. checking out all of the damage from sky eye chopper 13 now. you can see how bad it is and several o. buildings don't -- several of the buildings don't have roofs left. >> and derek valcourt is surveying the damage in baltimore county and andrea fujii has more in north east baltimore. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica and good afternoon, everyone. three were taken to the hospital from north east
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baltimore this morning with nonlife threatening injuries and surveying the damage this morning, it's amazing more weren't hurt. >> reporter: some north east baltimore residents described the weather as a scene from "the wizard of oz." >> you feel the buildings picking up and the wind banking against the windows and you can see the people's vehicles moving across the parking lot. >> reporter: at 1:30 a.m., high winds ripped through the area and as daybreak approached, the damage was more visible. parts of homes were thrown like spears and the mayor and governor assessed the damage and many are packing up and going to shelters. >> this seemed to indicate we were visited last night and early this morning by a tornado that touched down and cut through here. it's a miracle we're not here talking about serious injury and death.
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based on the pass overs i've seen. >> reporter: some complain there was no warning of the danger, but they're glad to be arrive. >> it felt like the end of the world. no one knew what was going on. >> and now, back live here, you can see the police, city and bge crews here on the scene cleaning up the area in order to get the power back on. inspectors are also making sure that homes are safe enough for residents to go back into. there are still high gusts of wind. and thank you. derek valcourt has more with a look at the damage across the city line in baltimore county. >> reporter: hi, don, as you can imagine, some of the winds pack quite the wallop and this is the damage it does to major trees. this tree uprooted out of the
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ground and we're seeing trees like this and not necessarily trees that have done damage like this. and we're talking about quite a lot of clean up. >> reporter: in the parkville neighborhoods, they woke to mother nature's mess. the trouble began at 1:45 and the neighborhoods heard the storms. >> my wife and i sat up and we said, we better get to the basement and by that time, it was over. >> reporter: some homes suffered damage and missed siding and others not as fortunate. >> all of a sudden, you hear the tree go down and this is what happens. and first, it was just sitting on the house, as time went by, it had crept down the house. >> reporter: the homeowners were out of town.
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>> and when the crews awifed -- arrived, it was clear that an unusual wealth earl event went through. >> it wasn't until this morning when some realized how severe the storm was. >> i looked around and there were two trees right next door to me that fell completely. one on the car there and one on the car there. >> and that was derek valcourt reporting. we'll go to captain mike perry getting a bird's eye view of the damage now. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica and everyone. it looks like the bulk of the damage along the city/county line is south of northern parkway. two roofs off of the building and where they landed 1/4 mile from where they blew off. this is along northern parkway and the crews are taking that debris and moving that out of the way. and it struck the town homes as
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it was traveling in the area and as mark pans to the left, we'll see one of the town homes there on the very end -- it suffered significant roof damage and as you go to the left, there's where the roofs came off of the apartments. it's fortunate that no one was killed. you can see the significant amount of debris and damage. it flew 1/4 of a mile and it didn't hit a lot of houses, it hit several, but not a lot. and there's a plethora -- dozens and dozens of bge vehicles here along mclain boulevard and it looks like a police command boost is set up. this effects the city of baltimore and some of this damage occurred in baltimore county along the edge of the city/county line. it's fortunate no one was killed. thank you, captain mike
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perry and we'll get a closer look at the storm now. bernadette woods and marty bass have more. >> good afternoon, jess and everyone out there. we were on the phone with the national weather service, they're assessing the damage and whether or not it was winds or a tornado, the damage is done. what they do look at though is the pattern of the damage. if a lot of it is in one direction, it's straight lined damage and if there's rotation, it's a tornado. and regardless, the damage is done and we'll update you on what happened from their side of things. we'll take you to the storm and what happened with that -- you can see this moving through and the dangerous part -- aver night when people are asleep, it raced to the north east and there's so much wind in the upper atmosphere that even a simple thunderstorm brings the wind down and we can have gusts up to 70 to 80 miles per hour. if it was a tornado, the spins
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and the winds can get highier than that. that's the storm across the city and county tonight and racing to the north east. even though that's done, we're not finished yet. for more, we'll go to marty in the out back. >> reporter: thank you, and good afternoon, right now, what's the weather doing? well, nothing we really want it to be doing. bern mentioned the winds an they'll be with us into the evening and fortunately, a lot of the leaves are off of the branches and that takes the stress off of the trees. we'll look at the numbers. we have a steady wind on tv hill in the 20s. and we have a wind advisory drought the day. and if you see the gust temperatures, you see the numbers. and we have a wind at 22 miles per hour. and imagine the stress it's putting on poles and trees and you throw in a gust of 37. it will go highier into the 40s
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this afternoon and you have problems and we'll have to watch the weather as a news event throughout the afternoon and evening. we'll do it for you on air and clearly, we're online between now and then at now, back to you. crews are still trying to restore power to thousands of people. more than a thousand homes without electricity now and anne arundel has 2100 homes and 200 in harford county. and you've seen our video, we're anxious to see your videos of the storm. e-mail them to us at and remember, wjz-13 is always on for you, for updates of the forecast and the look at the radar any time from anywhere, go to the makers of the controversial drink four loko are taking out the caffeine. this comes as the fda is
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preparing on banning all caffeination d, calf -- caffeinated alcoholic drinks. there were several illnesses due to the drink and one death on the eastern shore. and a big day for baltimore city teachers. they're voting on a teacher's contract. pay would be based on student performance and the teachers voted against it last month. at the time, many said they needed to learn more about it before they would aproof it. and still to come, behind bars, a russian arm's dealer is in u.s. custody. could this improve the relations between the united states and russia. another bull attack caught on tape >> >> and this is a big one. you can see from sky eye chopper 13, stick around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a man is accused as a
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russian arm's dealer. he'll appear in court today after being arrested in thailand, he was extradited to the u.s.. the russians warn that this could be curtailed unless he's freed. a child oriented restaurant is a crime scene after masked men hold up the local chuck e. cheese. the men with guns stormed boo is restaurant and then held the employees and children and parents at gunpoint before locking them up in an office. >> >> we bring them here to play, not to die. over a few -- oh, gosh, that's horrible. >> reporter: no one was injured and the men looked like criminals and in catching them is a department priority. >> and yesterday, we showed you a video of a bull jumping into
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a stands in canada, it turns out, another bull in mexico had the same idea. wow! this half ton creaturer gave the matadore's a scare. later on, the bullfight continued. >> look at that jump. >> wow, that's a strong bull. >> right on top of a couple of the people inside the inner ring. >> well, still to come on wjz- 13 eyewitness news at noon. let's look outside and stay tuned. you're looking at some of the damage and we'll be back with the first warning weather forecast. first, let's look at today's midday stocks followed by the megamillions numbers. ,
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welcome back, continuing to look at these pictures from the storm overnight. absolutely incredible and we're lucky no one died from this. you can see how the winds came in and this acts as the suction cup and it popped off the roof. we'll take you back to the
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storm, that was a line of thunderstorms that made its way through and all of it is gone. you your not seeing the wind. that's a huge factor today. it's wound itself uptightly. the winds turned around to the west and the wind advisories into 4:00 and approaching 50 miles per hour. en and the sustained winds will be between 30 and 40 miles per hour. and gusts over 30 miles per hour in a lot of cases. and that's part of this story. and it's mild outside, too. we're getting into the 60s and the winds are bringing in cooler air. and we'll open this up and show you. this is driving this entire thing. that was the cold front from it. that pushed up from the north east and here is where the pressures are and that's kicking in the wind and we're close enough to the storm and we're affected by the storm. and it will race to the north east and there's another storm
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out there, it's a weak one and it will pass by to the south, it will be breezy tomorrow and we'll have a snow shower getting out of here on friday. and the big thing today is the high winds. getting up to 64 degrees for the high. then, tonight, the winds dying down and 39 for the low and tomorrow, a breezy day. and not as high of a wind today. we'll bring the clouds in and a slight chance of a shower and most of the day will be dry. out west, that gets out of here and we'll cooling down friday. and still to come on wjz- 13's eyewitness news at noon. drinks like four loko in the news for another reason. could they be the first step to alcoholism? here's more on and for more information, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in today's health watch, energy drinks are a popular way to pull all nighters, but they can increase the risk of alcoholism. a thousand people said that many are mixing alcohol with energy drinks people who drank energy drinks are more likely to get drunk
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and develop a dependence on alcohol. >> and you'll want to tune back in today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. was it a tornado or not? we'll track the damage from the storm that blew through the area last night. also, is the tsa getting too touch which i and also, a high profile murder case. and the new evidence that landed a former surviver producer in handcuffs. join us for these handcuffs and more at 4:00 after dr. phil. >> and stay with us. the five day is next. ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back, unfortunately, the storms are gone and we're dealing with the same storms. >> and once we get rid and all, we'll have the graphics. and we'll show the mid-to upper 50s now. we're look agent a ton of sun throughout the weekend. life is pretty good throughout the week's end and into this weekend before thanksgiving. and 56, and day, and 56 and 53 and that's below normal and 33 and 34, below the normal and standard conditions for this weekend and november. the forecast gets it cold right after thanksgiving. now, back inside. marty, thank you. don't miss tonight's prime time
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line up. at 10:00, it's "the defenders." >> and thank you for watching, more coverage of the storm coming up. >> thank you for watching. i'm jessica kartalija. and i'm don scott. >> and i'm bernadette woods for marty bass. we'll have the latest on the storm damage tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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